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    Ticking the right box

    At the age of thirteen I was sat in registration class when a form landed on my desk. I absent-mindedly ticked my way through, until all of a sudden I came to a section entitled ‘ethnicity’. I was stumped. I looked to the left and the right of me to see which box my classmates had ticked. ‘White British’, I did the same. Seconds later, clocking that I’d copied her, my friend that was sat next to me started to laugh. Confused, I explained that I didn’t fit any of the other categories listed and I’d always thought of myself as white. After some deliberation we agreed that I should tick ‘other’. This was the first time I had ever really called my identity into question but it wouldn’t be the last.  Continue reading…


    My lipgloss is poppin

    I ditched lipgloss in 2010 along with errrybody else that was done with their hair getting stuck to their face whilst running for the bus.

    Jojo might still have been working that gloss in her LEAVE (GET OUT, RIGHT NOW IT’S THE END OF YOOOOU AND ME) video but I was done.

    That was… until yesterday.  Continue reading…

    youth 1

    The life of a sixteen year old today

    A few nights back my sixteen year old sister and her friends were having a sleepover. Being the creepy older sister that I am, I perched myself next to them with a big ol’ slice of pizza and listened in on their chat AND I FELT SO OLD. What the hell were they talking about? I needed to ask some questions.

    Now that I’ve caught up and I’m cool again I thought it would be helpful to impart some of the wisdom that I’ve learned from the youth of today.. and it all revolves around social media. How can adolescence have have changed so much in just 6 years?? Damn you Zuckerburg!  Continue reading…


    Cats are the best

    Finally handed my dissertation in! Hoooraaaay!

    So I’ve come back home to Wales for a bit of recovery which so far has included eating creme eggs, wandering aimlessly around the house to avoid doing essay readings and cuddling my beaut of a cat.

    Spending the day with Lola has made me realise how wonderful and important cats are and has made me desperately miserable about the fact that when I’m at home in Edinburgh I am completely cat-less. Here are a few reasons that cats are the very best.  Continue reading…