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Avocados are overrated

There, I said it. Avocados are overrated and I won’t be shamed into silence.

I tried for a long time to like them. I didn’t want to be that one person at the table asking for the Nachos without guacamole. It’s not easy being that person, to confront the looks of shock and disgust that cloud the faces of your loved ones when they first find out you are impartial to the green stuff. Even my closest friends found it hard to take, my flatmate being an addict and avocado-ing daily. 

Don’t get me wrong they look very pretty on a piece of fancy rye bread with a sprinkling of sesame and I would never count myself as a totally anti-avo kinda gal but in all honesty they just make for an exceptionally disappointing meal.

This one is apparently perfect though

No, you’re wrong!

They really just don’t taste of very much at all and now thanks to the likes of vegan chefs and the #fitfam even our chocolate brownies aren’t safe from this mushy pear-shaped averageness.

Without dousing them in lime or soy sauce, they just slime and slide despondently around your mouth without contributing much flavour at all. Then of course there’s the matter of how ridiculous it is that they have a huge brown golf ball wedged smack bang in the middle of them, even their natural design is flawed.

So yes, beautiful Instagram people your breakfast looks colourful and pretty, but is it really all worth the taste of disappointment?



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