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Louis Vuitton Without Spending a Penny

Created by two best friends with a habit of sharing designer clothes, New York fashionistas, Sari Bibliowicz and Sari Azout have set up website Bib + Tuck.

Bib + tuck

This website is possibly one of the best things I have come across on the web and I can tell that a beautiful love affair between me and the site is brewing. Bib + Tuck was originally an exclusive invite-only affair, secluded to the fabulous wardrobes of the elites of the fashion world but it has now been opened up to everybody else!


Co-founder and fashion pioneer, Sari Azout

This chic website is full of beautiful designer clothes which can be purchased without spending any money at all. Ideal, right? The website allows users to swap designer items with one another using a virtual fashion currency. It’s also pretty strict on its rules of what is and isn’t acceptable to sell, allowing only a set list of designers and brands. This is great as it prevents you from ending up with poor quality clothes and fakes. However, the list also includes high-street brands such as Topshop and Zara and there are some stunning vintage pieces available that are virtual cheap as chips!

sari b

The other Sari; Sari Bibliowicz. Fellow fashionista, co-founder and New Yorker.

That being said, the target audience of the website is made quite clear, with high-end buying and selling being a priority. One of the community guidelines was particularly funny, explaining that when selling you should always let the buyer know if you are unable to ship the item within three days, with an example (in jest, i hope) of.. ‘Example: If you’re on a beach in Puerto Rico and are not home to take care of business, just shoot your buyer a quick email letting them know.’ This is ridiculous: When I’m in Puerto Rico I always take care of business. Essentially, I love the idea of a clothes sharing community created by two best friends that became used to sharing an ‘endlessly revolving closet door’ because it reminds me of the wardrobe relationships that  I share with my flatmates. Clothes swapping is the perfect solution to the daily insatiable desire for a new outfit to wear and all the more exciting if it’s an outfit by Chanel! Image So get out all of those old Topshop shirts that you never wear and swap them for a Missoni scarf… Here are a few of the lovely things currently being sold on the website that I’ve got my eye on…




Vintage Celine!




Jeffrey Campbell

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