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    Paris-a tries Yog-a

    I had always wanted to try Yoga.

    And not just because all the cool girls on Instagram are always doing incredible poses on a beautiful beach somewhere, but I love how much calmer it seems than other physical activity. I’ve never been great super active, aggressive sports. Plus, I’d love love love to get more flexible! So, I began my research…

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    Avocados are overrated

    There, I said it. Avocados are overrated and I won’t be shamed into silence.

    I tried for a long time to like them. I didn’t want to be that one person at the table asking for the Nachos without guacamole. It’s not easy being that person, to confront the looks of shock and disgust that cloud the faces of your loved ones when they first find out you are impartial to the green stuff. Even my closest friends found it hard to take, my flatmate being an addict and avocado-ing daily.  Continue reading…

    My solution to broken New Years resolutions

    Every new years night until the age of about ten, I would tell myself this;

    ‘This is the year that I will become magic’.

    Needless to say, I was setting myself up for disappointment because despite having the same birthday as Sabrina the teenage witch (this couldn’t be a coincidence, to my mind), and no matter how long I stared at a full glass of water (Mathilda, kudos), I just couldn’t seem to develop the magical powers that I so badly wanted.  Continue reading…


    Bag-spiration- Perspiration over bags..

    fur b

  little bags just like the above fluffy backpack from Story of Lola (, £37). Although I’m not sure how many uni books I could pack into all that faux fur.

    Here I’ve put together a little collection of some of the rucksacks and backpacks that I’ve been stalking online lately. Now that we’re back at uni I’ve been enviously eyeing up everyone’s behinds.

    In my hunt for a new bag for my uni work, I’ve got completely carried away pining after some beautiful designer pieces but when it comes to the crunch I think I’ve decided that I’ll go for a simple black men’s bag this semester. They’re just as nice looking as a lot of the women’s bags and are a lot bigger (and I just don’t trust myself with a lightly coloured bag, never mind fur). Hello practical Parisa.


    House of Holland, was £595 now £178 (cheap as chips, am I right?)


    Topshop £55

    I hope the metallic trend never dies. This bag is so eye catching and will look amazing with winter pastels.


    Harris Tweed, ASOS Men’s, £45

    Big, practical and classy. This men’s bag from Harris Tweed is a timeless classic.

    Pretty and practical!


    Moschino Fresh Couture Backpack, £455

    It doesn’t get more fun than this. If only it wasn’t the same price as return flights to Thailand.. not that I’m buying those either.


    Calvin Klein, ASOS, £120

    Elegant and simple, this bag is another timeless piece from Calvin Klein.


    The Ragged Priest, £35

    Herschel Supply co, £85

    Urban Outfitters, £46

    Lulu Guinness, £125