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Top 10 Procrastination Techniques

Exam time has rolled around again so instead of doing my revision (like I really should be) I have come up with a list of my favourite things to do instead of revise/write essays/do anything work related.


1. Facebook

It’s an obvious one but y’all know it’s true. For every paragraph of work-related stuff that you read, you will refresh your home page 10 times. Never before have you cared so much about the life of that girl you met once in the club toilets but now seems like the perfect time to check what they’re up to and have a little stalk through their Facebook pictures.


You know you like doing it

2. Look for holidays

Forget exams, you just want to be on a beach. If, like me, you’re the sort of person that does this, you will sit at 1 o’clock in the morning, ignoring exam stress by scrolling through pictures of beautiful holiday scenes. You will price up ten different holidays (adamant that you are being productive in some way) whilst daydreaming about Mojhitos, sunshine and how much time there is left to get the perfect bikini body.


3. Tea breaks

Everyone loves a good cup of tea but when exam time comes along the kettle boiling is the sweet background music to revision. A five minute long revision burst followed by an hour long tea break is pretty much standard. It’s at this time of year that you’re suddenly happy to run around the flat offering to make everyone else a cup of tea as well.


It’s how long until the exam?

4. Clean

A tidy room is a tidy mind.

This of course means that to begin revision you must first clean your room. The longer this takes to happen, the longer it takes for you to start revising. Hey, you might even go all out and decide that now that your floor is actually visible for the first time this year, you may as well start moving around furniture..


Throw in a few dance moves.. you’ve got the time

Of course this quest for perfect Feng Shui will probably lead you to feel unsettled in your new room and head out in search of a different revision space…

5. Searching for a revision space

You started in your flat but that didn’t work so now you’ve headed to the library. Finding the perfect spot in the library might take three or four rounds of the entire building and even then someone with a smelly pack of quavers will more than likely come and sit practically on top of you, crunching you into your first pre-exam anxiety attack.


6. Making lists and plans

It’s wise to plan your revision before you begin. It’s not quite so wise to do it more than once.. colour coded.. in bubble writing. Ok, maybe not bubble writing, but the revision plan often takes more time than the actual revision. It’s also fun to spend a bit of time putting things on the list that you know you can tick off straight away…

e.g 1. Make a list of things to revise

You might even start making more general lists of other things that you need to do or even just general life goals. You have to write them all down sometime!


7. Starting a new TV series

Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl, Downton Abbey, these are the reasons that my grades are not as good as they probably should be. You promise yourself one episode, then two and before you know it you’ve finished season one and it would be rude not to follow up with the next four seasons..

Trying in vain to allow episodes only as a treat for doing at least a few hours of work, this show will end up being the only thing that keeps you sane over the next few weeks.


8. Eat, eat, eat. 

Exam time is a dangerous time for the waistline. It’s far too easy to bury yourself in a mountain of chocolate and crisps.

Whilst your hands are in a crisp packet, they’re not on a keyboard. That’s fine of course because food is sustenance and how can you revise if you’re not well fed?


That’s all okay though because…

9. Exercise

It’s a struggle convincing yourself to leave the warm comfort of your bed and head to the gym at any other point in the year but when the alternative is sitting hunched over a desk, it suddenly seems incredibly important that you get some exercise done.

Lying on a mat listening to music for a good hour afterwards is all part of the process and by then it’s far too late in the day to get any work done anyway.


Sometimes you might just give it a whirl in your room

10. Jambusters

If this isn’t something that you do, shame on you. Nev’s Jambusters is still the best game on the internet and hours can be wittered away stopping Bandit the cat from escaping with a new coloured jam pie.

The CBBC knew what they were doing when they came up with that one


Then of course there’s reading articles like this one. get off the internet and get it done.

I’m off to play Nev’s Jambusters..


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